MigraSpray SDS

                                                              SAFETY DATA SHEET (SDS) - MIGRASPRAY                                           


  1. Product and Company Information:
    1.1 Product Name: MigraSpray
    1.2 Company Identification: Countless Values LLC (Distributor) (800) 672-2810 or (619) 377-9410
    1.3 Company Address: 7317 El Cajon Blvd., Ste. 239 La Mesa, CA 91942 US
  1. Composition, Information on Ingredients:

2.1 Identification number:           MS101 or NWMS101

2.2 CAS number(s):                         26830-000, 7732-18-5, 20554-84-1, 71869-95-7, 940-71-6, 56-81-5, 50-81-7, 24634-61-5, 6381-92-6

2.3 EINECS number(s):                   Not Applicable

2.4 INCI Name:                                  Water (and) Glycerin (and) Feverfew (Pyrethrum Parthenium) (and) Goldenseal (Hydrastis Canadensis) (and) Dandelion (Taraxacum Officinale) (and) Larch Agaric (Polyporus Officinalis) (and) Ascorbic Acid (and) Potassium Sorbate (and) disodium EDTA.

  1. 5 Hazardous Ingredients: Not Applicable 
  1. Hazards Identification

Specific Risks:                                    None known at this time, non-irritating to the eyes, non-irritating to the skin, no hazard expected in normal industrial use.

  1. First Aid Measures:

4.1 First Aid Measures/General: No hazard expected in normal industrial use.

4.2 Skin Contact:                              Non-irritating to the skin.

4.3 Eyes Contact:                              Non-irritating to the eyes.

4.4 Inhalation:                                   No hazard expected in normal industrial use.

4.5 Ingestion:                                    No hazard expected in normal industrial use. 

  1. Fire-Fighting Measures:

General Information:                                                                                                     Material will not burn

5.1 Suitable extinguishing media:                                                                              Not available

5.2 Extinguishing media that must not be used for safety reasons:             Not available 

  1. Accidental Release Measures:

General Information:                     Use proper personal protective equipment as indicated in Section 8.

6.1 Environmental Precautions: Keep out of sewers, storm drains, surface water and soil.

6.2 Methods for Cleaning Up:     Small Spills: Absorb spill with inert material (i.e.. vermiculite, sand or earth), then place in a suitable container. Large Spills: Dike around spill and pump into suitable containers.

6.3 Protect People:                         Dispose of in compliance with federal, state and local regulations. 

  1. Handling and Storage

7.1 Handling:                                      Normal handling and storage consistent with good manufacturing practices should be used.

7.2 Storage:                                        Keep containers closed until used. To maintain product quality, do not store in direct sunlight.

7.3 Reactivity Data:                         Not applicable 

  1. Exposure Controls / Personal Protection

8.1 Personal Protective Equipment – Eyes: No precautions needed, use safety glasses if necessary.
Skin: No precautions other than clean body-covering clothing should be needed.
Respiratory: No respiratory protection should be needed.

8.2 Hygiene Measures:                  Use good personal hygiene practices. Wash hands before eating, drinking, smoking or using toilet facilities. Promptly remove soiled clothing and wash thoroughly before reuse. Shower after work using plenty of soap and water. 

  1. Physical and chemical properties:

9.1 Appearance:                               Light to medium amber liquid

9.2 Odor:                                             Characteristic

9.3 Color                                              Light to medium amber

9.4 Data relevant to safety:         Avoid strong oxidizing agents.

9.5 Flash point (method used):  > 390 F (PMCC)

9.6 Flammable Limits:                     % LFL: N/A – UFL: N/A

9.7 Boiling Point                               212oF

9.8 Specific Gravity (25C)              1.05 – 1.15 at 25oC

9.9 Vapor density (air-1)                Approx: Not available

9.10 Evaporation Rate (butyl acetate = 1):             Not available

9.11 Solubility in water                  Complete

9.12 Refractive index (25C):         1.3920 – 1.5000 at 25oC 

  1. Stability and Reactivity

10.1 Hazardous Reactions:           Hazardous polymerization will not occur

10.2 Stability:                                     Stable

10.3 Conditions to Avoid:             Not available

10.4 Hazardous decomposition products:              Not available

10.5 Hazardous Polymerization:                                Will not occur. 

  1. Toxicological Information - *Glycerin
    (*Based on information supplied to us for Glycerin on the chemical vendor’s SDS).

11.1 Skin:                                             The LD50 for skin absorption in rabbits is >10,000 mg/kg.

11.2 Ingestion:                                  The oral LD50 for rats is 17,000 to 27,211 mg/kg.

11.3 Inhalation:                                 The LC50 for 60 hours in rats was >4 mg/liter.

11.4 Mutagenicity:                          In vitro mutagenicity studies were negative.


  1. Ecological Information: *Material is practically non-toxic to fish on an acute basis (LC50 greater than 100 mg/L), Acute Lg50 for fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas is 44000 mg/L). Acute Ld50 for goldfish (Carassiius auratus) is greater than 5000 mg/L.
    *(Based on information supplied to us for Glycerin on the chemical vendor’s SDS.)
  2. Advise on Disposal: Do not dump into any sewers, on the ground, or into any body of water. All disposal methods must be in compliance with Federal, State/Provincial and local laws and regulations. Regulations may vary in different locations. Waste characterizations and compliance with applicable laws are the responsibility solely of the waste generator. 
  1. Transport Information:

14.1 Land Transport – Marine Transport:               Air Transport: Other than normal shipping instructions and information given in the SDS, there are no other specific U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations governing the shipment of this material.

  1. Regulatory Information:

15.1 Labeling – (Hazards Symbols)

                                                                National Fire Protection Association
Health = 1, Flammability = 1, Reactivity = 0, Special Hazard = None

                                                                Hazardous Material Information System (HMIS)
Health = 1, Flammability = 1, Reactivity = 0 Personal Protection = D

  1. Other Information:

Hazardous combustion products may contain the original material in addition to unidentified toxic and/or irritating compounds. Hazardous combustion products may include and are not limited to: Aldehydes, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide.

 SDS Creation Date:                          07-12-2016

SDS Revision Date                            03-27-2021

Disclaimer:                                          The information in this SDS was obtained from sources which we believe are reliable. However, the information is provided without any warranty, express or implied, regarding its correctness. The conditions or methods of handling, storage, use or disposal of the material are beyond our control and may be beyond our knowledge. For this and other reasons we do not assume responsibility and expressly disclaim liability for loss, damage or expense arising out of or in any way connected with the handling, storage, use or disposal of the material.