The First Time I Used MigraSpray

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In 2006 I began working for Naturewell as their Accounting Manager/Controller, and began experiencing migraine symptoms while beginning this challenging job. The MigraSpray Marketing Manager gave me a bottle of MigraSpray. I was amazed at how well it worked!  After dosing by spraying under my tongue and holding it for 30 seconds, I went back to my accounting tasks.  About 20 minutes later I looked over and noticed the bottle sitting on my desk and realized the migraine was completely eliminated! The usual dark spots in my vision and the nausea didn't happen. And I had no headache pain whatsoever.  I've been a believer in MigraSpray ever since. 

In 2010, I took over selling MigraSpray and have helped thousands of people receive migraine relief using MigraSpray. I'll admit, I'm not the best yet at sales as I never push anyone to buy.  But I highly recommend if you or a loved one are suffering from migraine pain to try MigraSpray and find what others have found. Many customers have reported back that they've found that using MigraSpray has changed their lives for the better. Some customers call it "liquid gold".  It's especially heart-warming to hear someone say, "My wife is smiling again", or "It saved Mothers Day".

I used MigraSpray daily for several years and like many report that I no longer get migraines. MigraSpray's homeopathic effect does work when using daily over a period of months. I can also testify it also works for hangover headaches as the bottle describes!

Christine Poore

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